martes, 5 de diciembre de 2017


- The second one was very peculiar- my grandmother said. – There were a family called Christiansen, they lived up on Holmenkollen, and they had and old- painting in the living room which they were very proud of. The painting showd some ducks in the yard outside a farmhouse. There were no people in the painting, just a flock of ducks on a grassy farmyard and the farmhouse in the background. Well, one day their daughter Solveg came home from school eating an apple. She said a nice lady had given to her on the street. The next morning little Solveg was not in her bed. Then all of a sudden her father shoutedthere she is!! That is Solveg feeding the ducks!!!.
- Did you ever see the painting, Grandma, with the little girl in it?

- Many times, my grandmother said. – And the peculiar thing was that little Solveg kept changing her position in the picture.

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