martes, 5 de diciembre de 2017


ž- And by the way we are going to go back to England.
ž- But why? I want to stay in Norwey.
ž- Here is too dangerous and your father wanted us to live there.- Your next school term begins in a few days, so we don´t have any time to waste.
ž- There are not as many witches in England as there are in Norway, she said.
ž- Ok, but tell me more things about witches.
ž- Their favourite thing is to mix up a powder that will turn a child into some creature or other that all grown-ups hate.
ž- What sort of creature, Grandmamma?
ž-Often is a slug, then the grown-ups step on the slug and squish it without knowing it´s a child. Or a flea.
ž- I have known English witches, she went on, who have turned children into pheasants and then sneaked the pheasants up into the woods the very day before the pheasant-shooting season opened.
ž- Owch- I said. So they get shot?
- Of course they get shot, she said

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