lunes, 22 de mayo de 2017

Magic Vocabulary

Vocabulario de la maestra  PARA PRIMERO

Where is the library, the library, the library?
Where is the library? the library is here.


Can I use your rubber please.
 rubber please, rubber please
Can I use your rubber please.
Yes yes yes.
Can I use your pencil please
pencil please pencil please
Can I use your pencil please
yes yes yes

Line up
Listen to the teacher
Nice to meet you
What is the meaning of black and yellow?
Throw it in the bin
Put ........ away
Wash your head
Wash your hand
Sleep well
Eat good
Chech your bag
Look after...
Bye bye
Are you sure?
Oops a daisy: ups (cuando tiramos algo sin querer)
Easy tiger: tranquilo tigre
Not a Scooby: ni idea
What are you doing? Qué estás haciendo?
How much is it?
Good morning?
What is the weather like today?
How are you feeling today? Happy, tired, angry...
How can I help you?
Hunky-dory: fenomenal
In love: enamorado
Zip it: cremallera
Fire fire: (cuando la teacher está que trina, significa fuego fuego)
You are helping in the kitchen
You are making the bed
You are sleeping
You are crying
You are watering the plants
You are setting the table
Were you born in a field?: naciste en un campo? (para cuando se olvidan de cerrar la puerta de clase o la de casa, se dice de forma graciosa y cariñosa)
Is it clear? Crystal clear. ¿Está claro? Cristalino.
What is this? Qué es esto?
Do you understand me? Me entiendes
What are you wearing? Qué llevas puesto?
How do you say limpiar in english? Cómo se dice limpiar en inglés?
Enough: suficiente
What are you wearing?
Peachy: great, genial. how are you? I am peachy
Good morning sunshine
Good night moonlight
Try your best
We are the best
Don´t touch: no tocar
Hurry up: deprisa
Busy bee: ocupadaI
I am joking: estoy bromeando
You are welcome
in front of
next to
I am on cloud nine 
I am as cool as a cucumber
What is it made of?
It is made of.....metal, wood, wool, cardboard...
What do you want?
Green frog, black bat I want my beauty back.
What is wrong?
I am ill
I have a headache
I have a sore stomach
I am fine

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